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Security Consultant Welcome to California Confidential Investigations Website
Sacramento Premier Investigation Agency California Confidential Investigations was founded by retired Law Enforcement Officers to meet all of your investigative needs. The founders of California Confidential Investigations have over 60 years of combined law enforcement and investigative experience.

Their experiences include investigations in homicide, narcotics, vice, theft, organized crime, crime prevention, intelligence gathering, covert operations, surveillance, financial investigations and background investigations.

California Confidential Investigations only employs experienced law enforcement investigators for work and surveillance operations.

Client Services
  • Qualified Investigators with current or prior law enforcement experience will be assigned to handle each client's needs.
  • Access to Nationwide Databases for the purpose of background investigations, criminal investigations, locating witnesses or other persons.
  • Covert Operation Management consisting of the latest electronic equipment available to assist our clients in detection and deterring internal theft.
  • Security Consultants on staff to evaluate and plan your security needs and provide in-house training on security subjects.
  • Experienced Financial Investigators on staff to assist and review clients needs related to in-house financial investigations.
  • Extensive Network of both law enforcement and private contacts throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Prompt and Concise written reports that enable our clients to make an informed hiring decision.
  • Additional Investigative Services include Asset Searches, Civil Investigations, Criminal Investigations and Locates
Electronic Sweep
Our expert technicians will conduct a complete sweep of your location to determine if any electronic eavesdropping devices are present.

Pre-Employment Investigations
Level 1 Background Investigation Level 1 Background Investigation
Level 2 Background Investigation Level 2 Background Investigation
Level 3 Background Investigation Level 3 Background Investigation
Performing checks on applicants is one of the most effective tools available to assist you in making the correct hiring decisions. The mere fact that the applicant knows that an independent contractor will check any information on his applications, tends to produce a more accurate representation of the applicant's true skills
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